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Around Town

This is a small handful of our personal recommendations designed to maximize your opportunity for Good Times here in Los Angeles. Lest you forget, that's what we're all about. Try some of these things, have a good time, and please do come back often. We know you will, because you love us.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

If you have never tasted these sinfully delicious treats, we have one word for you: Therapy.

DuPar's Restaurant

The pancakes rock, and it's worth the trip to the Studio City location just to see a member of the staff with the coolest handlebar moustache. Ever.

Bob's Big Boy

That burger-totin' boy in Burbank is dead sexy. Their breakfast is delish, too.

Mel's Drive-In

This ain't Denny's, Mrs. Jefferson! This is a fun 50s diner from the movie "American Graffiti." The shakes and burgers are yummy. Diet schmiet!

Jerry's Famous Deli

I think it's pretty evident we like to eat. Your eyes will bug out when you see the size of the menus here. Whoa. Good stuff too. I like the salad in a pizza crust.

Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour

Well worth the money, especially if you can spy your favorite star from "ER" nekkid. Ask for the AAA discount to receive cheap thrills.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Where else can you fly with E.T., travel back to the future with Doc, and spank Spiderman? E.T. phone home.

Disney's California Adventures

California, here we come! Visit the Hollywood Backlot and be a star for a day. Eat at Soap Opera Bistro and star in a soap of your own. Heck, you may even make it into the hot seat with Regis and win a hat! Mickey Mouse? Who's he?


Prepare to leave reality at the front gate. Take a walk through the haunted mansion, spin on the tea cups, and take a safari ride with Indiana Jones. We recommend a stop at the Golden Horseshoe for a fun musical review. While you're watching, dine on a bowl of chili in a bread bowl.

Museum of Television and Radio

Get your cultural arts intake here while watching old television shows and listening to classic radio shows in sound booths.

Silent Movie Theatre

Ssssh. I see dead people.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

The coolest place to see a movie in town. The movies are in English, silly.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Guaranteed celebrity sightings, Kevin Eubanks and his groovy band, and Jay's wacky monologue! Get tickets early in the morning for that day's show. You can try to get up on stage and dance (before the taping begins) to win free stuff.

Sherman Oaks Castle Park

The best miniature golf in Los Angeles, because I said so.

Venice Beach

Street freaks everywhere on the weekends! Come and see a lady walk on fire, a man play violin with a liter of Coke, and a guy balance appliances on his chin. Kitsch at its best.

Venice Canals

Can't afford Italy? Come and explore the next best thing. Take a stroll for miles along the canals just blocks away from Venice Beach. Oogle the homes you can't afford. Take a joy ride on someone else's canoe.

Santa Monica Pier

Sure, all the locals have been here, but it's always a good time here. Gotta love a coaster and ferris wheel on the beach. And hemp tattoos. And your name on a grain of rice. And the crowds.


You gotta come on Wednesdays for the free comedy night. There is no cover charge, and the comedy is just as raw as the fish.

Howl at the Moon

Howl, bark, sing, whatever you do. Bring your friends and sing along with the dueling pianos. It's your chance to shine. Or embarrass yourself.

Club Sugar

Avoid the weekend crowds. Take a nap, then come late (11:30 or midnight) to catch the freshest techno/house/jungle mix in town.

Book Soup

An overwhelming collection of books and a jackpot for book worms. This place has just about every book you can imagine. The staff rocks, too.

Stay tuned for more fabulous things to do around town ... and tell us what you think we should add to our list!

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