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Bon Jovi Rocks Staples Center

When You're Here, You're Family

here are no words we can use to describe the sights and sounds of Bon Jovi live in concert, especially from the third row, close enough to see 'em sweat.

It was hands-down the best concert. Ever. Nobody can rock an arena as hard as Bon Jovi can. Bon Jovi is the best band in the biz with the best show there is. The last time I saw them was in '93 and like fine wine, they get better with age. I have never been disappointed by them. Jovi puts on one hell of a show.

When Jon first spoke during the show, he warned us to get ready for an amazing aerobic workout. He was not joking. From the time they took the stage at 8:50pm until the last band member (Tico! I forgot there is a drummer!) walked off the stage 22 songs later at 11:15, we were on our feet and rocking hardcore. I've never jumped and danced and rocked out so hard in my life. My face hurts from smiling and laughing. My throat hurts from screaming. I sound like a frog.

After securing ourselves some awesome seats in the third row on the floor, in front of Richie Sambora, Janine and I boogied inside and hit the ladies room before grabbing a quick bite to eat. Then we went down to our seats. To our surprise, our seats were practically like having front row! The front row only had six seats on each side, and they were way off to the side. Row 2 had eight seats, and then our row had ten or twelve. We were in the very inside of our row, with no seats ahead of us. It was weird, but okay with us! Only the people who had the "front row" seats were allowed to stand at the barricade (they were given wristbands), so we stayed where we were and rocked and rolled, taking it all in. Two girls left before the encores began, so Janine and I claimed their spots against the barricade smack dab in front of Richie and his silly collection of hats. Apparently, Heather Locklear was just down the row from us but I never saw her (not that I was looking).

We rocked so hard! Janine had her camera along for the ride, and between the two of us, we snapped two rolls of film.

My favorite fan sign of the evening: MARCH 2, 1962: THE SECOND COMING. THANKS, MRS. B! That one had me rollin'! I'm not sure if Jon ever saw it.

My favorite Bon Jovi piece of clothing: Richie's black sleeveless tee with "F**KING SWEET" across it in red scriptive lettering. Classic.

My favorite live song: "Keep the Faith" Not only is it one of my all-time favorite Bon Jovi tunes, but Jon oozed sex while shaking those maracas, in a pale blue opened short-sleeved shirt, with tight black jeans. Niiiice.

Jon Bon Jovi is the ultimate rock star and performer.

My favorite Jon moment: Jon. Those tight black jeans. Enough said.

My favorite Richie moment: During "Bad Medicine," when they sing "you get a little," he would hold his hands out like six inches apart and then when they sing "but it's never enough," he gestured to his privates. Then, with a dirty look on his face, he'd giggle like a school kid.

I love these guys.

Richie singing "I'll Be There For You" (originally sung by Jon) was wonderful. He made the entire arena sway and sing the chorus while he pounded on his chest and screamed "Come on L.A.!"

You Tarzan, me Jane.




My throat is all wicked messed up today.

Oh, I scored a Goo Goo Dolls guitar pick. I wonder how much it would go for on eBay.

Break out the leather mini skirt and rock and roll on over to the official Bon Jovi site.

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