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Kathy Griffin & The Crazy Divas

The Laugh Factory Lives Up To Its Name

athy Griffin is one little firecracker. My goodness, what can I say, she was fabulous. The outstanding comedienne had the audience in the palm of her hands the entire time (1.5 hours) she was up on that stage. She rocked the hizzouse, I kid you snot.

Griffin's show began with a video of Mariah Carey's appearance on MTV's "Cribs." Griffin would pause the video and make snarky comments from her perch in the balcony. The video was hilarious, even if it were on its own. Oh my God, I had no idea that Ms. Carey was that strung out.

Following the MTV video, Ms. Griffin came down to the small Laugh Factory stage and began her stand-up routine which she dubbed her salute to "Crazy Divas," ripping on everyone from Mariah Carey to Ellen DeGeneres to Chaka Khan. Griffin offered her own humor and observations on Celine Dion and her child molester husband, Rene. She joked about Celine and made cracks about her spending the rest of her life in Vegas, but then she added, "And don't think I won't be there, front and center with 50 gay boys!"

Most of Griffin's stand-up show is comprised of her dissing on various pop culture celebrities. Nobody is safe from the wrath, from Anna Nicole Smith to the starlets of "American Idol." Griffin delivered non-stop laughs throughout her entire performance. She ranted about many other subjects including "Big Brother 3" (she was invited to appear on "Big Brother 2" with Andy Dick, but she "declined because I have standards"), "Sex and the City" (she's convinced the girls are really four gay guys trapped in women's bodies), Julia Roberts and her wedding, and Angelina Jolie and her Thai baby. Griffin cracked snarky remarks on the Thai baby frenzy and how we should all hurry and grab one soon, since they are flying off the shelves!

For the last half an hour of the show, Griffin shared her personal stories, both good and bad, with the perfect mixture of snark and silliness. If you find yourself with an opportunity to see Griffin's comedy in person, do us all a favor and go see her. For those with weak bladders, there's a handy product by the name of Depends.

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